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Man vs Motorbike - coping with extreme stress

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2022

 We will all experience moments of extreme stress in our lives. 

That's just how it goes - life is full of uncertainty and we can't control everything (as much as we would love to think we can!)

As we get older and gain more responsibilities, our response to these major events changes - think for example about how you reacted in your early 20's when someone you loved got seriously ill or injured, you would have been extremely worried and distressed but at the same time life would have gone on for you. You would perhaps have needed to take some time off work but other than that you could give that situation your whole focus without having to consider anything else.  

Fast forward 20 years and suddenly you have a family of your own to look after, perhaps a job or business that isn't so easy to take time off from, add into that financial responsibilities and suddenly shit's getting real! 

Dallas and I have had a few moments like this over the years but recently...

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